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July 11, 2017
Heamo Tab (20's) Maintain Red Blood Cells & Hemoglobin Levels Iron Bisglycinate , Mecobalamin,Folic Acid
Heamo Syrup
July 11, 2017
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Heamo Tablet

Heamo Tab (20’s) Maintain Red Blood Cells & Hemoglobin Levels    Iron Bisglycinate , Mecobalamin,Folic Acid


HEAMO Improved Combination for Maintaining Red Blood Cells & Hemoglobin Levels




Each 5ml Contains :

Iron bisglycinate 100mg

Mecobalamin 50mcg

Folk Acid 400mcg


Each Tablet Contains :

Iron bisglycinate 100mg

Mecobalamin  100mcg

Folic acid 200mcg




Heamo Iron Bisglycinate is an extra gentle form of iron which is highly absorbable unlike synthetic iron medications. Iron Bisglycinate tablets/Syrup have iron which further helps increase absorption of iron from the gut into the bloodstream.

Heamo Iron Bisglycinate supplement, unlike many iron tablets Syrup, is a non-constipating iron supplement and contains a form of iron called ferrous bisglycinate which does not irritate the stomach nor the digestive system helping to prevent constipation commonly associated with synthetic iron supplements. Haemoglobin, the carrier of oxygen in the blood, requires adequate iron supply for its manufacture and renewal.


Iron Bisglycinate may be of benefit to:

  • Vegetarians who may have compromised dietary intake
  • Pregnant women, under advice, whose iron levels may be low
  • Those who have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia
  • Those feeling constantly tired and run down
  • Have taken synthetic iron supplements resulting in constipation


Caution Iron is absorbed the best on an empty stomach. Yet, iron supplements can cause stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea in some people. You may need to take iron with a small amount of food to avoid this problem. Milk, calcium and antacids should NOT be taken at the same time as iron supplements.



Methylcobalamin is one of the two coenzyme forms of vitamin 812 (cobalamin). Vitamin 812 plays an important role in red blood cells, prevention and treatment of anemia, methylation reactions, and immune system regulation. Vitamin 812, also referred to as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin. It contributes to the successful synthesis of DNA, the normal functioning of the nervous system, and the production of energy. The liver is the main site of storage of vitamin 812 in the human body (R). Humans can obtain vitamin B from dietary sources, fortified foods, and supplements.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B12 • An Effective Analgesic • Essential for the Brain • Improves Sleeping Patterns • Reduces Depression • Anti-inflammatory • Good for the Skin • Positive effects in Pregnancy and Lactation



A synthetic form of folk add is used in dietary supplements and fortified foods. Folic acid acts by helping the body produce and maintain new cells. In particular, red blood cell formation is dependent upon adequate levels of this vitamin. Folic acid deficiency is a known cause of anemia in both adults and children.

Health Benefits of Folate • Supports Healthy Fatal Development and Pregnancy • May Reduce the Risk of Cancer • May Prevent Heart Disease Is Anti-Aging • Acts as an Antioxidant • Enhances Brain Function • Aids in Red Blood Cell Production • Promotes a Healthy Immune System • Is a Natural Antidepressant • May Prevent Hearing and Vision Loss • May Ameliorate Autism Spectrum Disorders • Promotes Fertility • Treats Arsenic Poisoning • Folate Attenuates Liver Damage • Ameliorates Kidney Disease • May Promote Bone Strength



Children : 1/2 teaspoon once or twice daily.

Adult : 1 teaspoons once or twice daily.


Adult : 1 tablet daily. or as directed by physician.




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