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Ceero Drops


Ceero Drops should be used in newborns suffering from infant colic. Ceero Oral Drops acts in the cause of infant colic by allowing proper digestion of lactose.



The incidence of infant colic appears to be independent of whether the child is breastfed or fed with artificial formulas. The etiology of colic in infants is not fully known. It is believed the causes of colic in a young child can be motivated by: Lactose Intolerance, Food Allergy, Intestinal Microflora Disorders, Incorrect Feeding techniques, Psychosocial factors.
LACTOSE INTOLERANCE Lactose intolerance can be a major cause of colic in infants but can also have a significant impact in the quality of life of children and adults.

FOOD ALLERGY Among the dietary factors that contribute to food allergy in infants, special attention is given to the interdependence of infant colic with hypersensitivity or allergy to cow’s milk protein. This specific allergy is largely due to the immaturity of the intestinal barrier of the baby, the undeveloped digestive tract, or family history (heredity). Also, the inclusion of some foods in the mother’s diet – such as caffeine, spicy food, etc. – may be transferred to the breast milk and from there to the breastfed infant and cause undesirable reactions to the baby.

INTESTINAL MICRO FLORA DISORDERS Within a few hours after birth, the infant’s gut is colonized by numerous bacteria, as part of the natural growth process. However, depending on the composition of the gastrointestinal bacterial flora — which varies with the diet, medication, or emotional state of the baby and its surroundings – some of these can cause gastrointestinal discomfort or illness, affecting the health of the baby.

INCORRECT FEEDING TECHNIQUE Breastfeeding is the best for your baby and you should always prefer breastfeeding over infant formula. Nowadays, more attention is being given to the feeding technique. In breastfed infants, it is important the baby’s mouth covers the whole halo and not only the nipple while sucking. As a consequence of a wrong feeding technique, air can be swallowed contributing to abdominal distension and pain. A similar situation leading to swallowing air can occur during artificial feeding if the baby bottle is not positioned correctly or the teat is too big or too small.

PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS Psycho-social disorders are often referred to as dysfunctional interactions between the child and the mother or as a result of a dysfunctional family. A young child, despite the apparent “unconsciousness” of its surroundings, is a true barometer of emotions. The baby has strong non-verbal contact with its parents and senses the emotional atmosphere of the environment. Even very small children can feel stress and bad emotions in their immediate surroundings and manifest it with a variety of somatic symptoms, such as irritability, appetite disorders, colic, or constipation.


Ceero® Oral Drops should be used in newborns suffering from infant colic. Ceero Oral Drops acts in the cause of infant colic by allowing proper digestion of lactose.
Undigested lactose molecules pass through a process of alternative digestion by the intestinal microflora which leads to the production of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. These byproducts cause bloating flatulence, and abdominal pain. Undigested lactose acidifies in the colon and increases the osmotic load, resulting in loose stools and diarrhea.

Ceero Oral Drops naturally eliminate the cause of colic by providing an exogenous source of lactate, the enzyme necessary for the correct digestion of lactose.
Some innovative characteristics of Ceero Oral Drops:
• Safe from birth • No need for incubation of the product before use. Simply pour a few drops of product directly to the baby’s mouth or the baby bottle and feed the baby immediately after • No need for refrigeration • High lactate content (>3.000 ALU at the end of the 24 months shelf life)


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