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July 11, 2017
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Urinal Sachet

Urinal 10’s Sachets
Cranberry for Urinary Tract Sachets
Cranberry natural extract 250mg



Each Tablet contains:

Cranberry Extract (USP) 250 mg

Vitamin E (USP) 3 IU

Vitamin C (USP) 20 mg



Each Sachet Contains

Cranberry Natural Extract 250 mg


Key and Unique Features:

  • Prevents UTI naturally in Pregnancy.
  • Improves immunity & absorption with Vitamin C.
  • Reducing the frequency of recurring bladder and urinary tract infections.
  • Supporting healthy bladder and urinary tract function
  • Helping to mask urinary odour during incontinence. .
  • Supporting overall intestinal function and immune health.



Urinal contains cranberry fruit extract (vaccinium macrocarpon) to prevent the symptoms of urinary tract infections naturally, by providing relief from pain and burning sensation and maintains a healthy urinary tract. Urinal-e and Urinal prevents the adhesion of infection causing bacteria (E.Coli) & helpful to prevent from urinary tract infection, the same bacterial anti adhesion property has also been found against the bacteria that cause stomach ulcer (H.Pylori) & dental cavities forming bacteria (streptococcus mutants).




I to 2 Tablets daily or as directed by the physician. Mix one tablet in a glass of water and drink instantly. Store in a cool and dry [Axe. Dosage:


Take 1.2 sachets daily or as directed by the physician. Pour the content of sachet in a glass of water stir & drink entire pleasant flavoured contents immediately.


MRP Rs. 285


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